About Us

The Start

Welcome to Baked In Bushwick – a fusion of culinary creativity, community collaboration, and a touch of the extraordinary. Founded in 2020 by a Bushwick native, our journey began as a spark of inspiration during the pandemic's quietude.

Our Culinary Journey

With time on our side, we embraced the art of baking, experimenting with cannabis-infused recipes as a passionate hobby. This exploration soon intersected with a deep-rooted love for the cannabis world, leading us to unlock the potential of cannabis flowers through meticulous decarboxylation. This synergy of flavors, textures, and aromas ignited the creation of our signature infused baked goods.

Connecting with the Community

At Baked In Bushwick, community is our compass. We celebrate local talent, collaborating with artists and emerging small businesses that share our commitment to authenticity. From partnering with culinary artisans like The Monkey King and Wandering Barman to collaborating with tattoo sensation Crux Deluxe, local coffee roasters Obscure Coffee, and punk bands like Frida Kill, we infuse our treats with the spirit of Bushwick's vibrant community.

A Unique Product Range

Our curated selection of infused treats is a journey of its own. Discover whole cannabis flowers and psilocybin mushrooms elevated to new heights, micro-dose capsules that invite exploration, and magic chocolates that spark wonder. Pre rolls and distillate vapes capture Bushwick's laid-back charm, while our in-house crafted infused confectionery treats are a testament to our dedication to quality and creativity.

Transparency and Quality

Quality and transparency are the bedrock of our brand. Our products speak for themselves, crafted with the same raw materials we source. As we become a household name in Bushwick and beyond, your satisfaction is paramount. If our products don't meet your expectations, we're committed to learning and improving for a better experience.

Curious for more?

Curious to learn more? Dive into the behind-the-scenes magic on our Instagram stories, where we unveil the intricate process of creation. See the passion, precision, and dedication that goes into each delightful treat.

Efficient Delivery Experience

From our kitchen to your doorstep, our couriers undergo rigorous training to ensure efficient, secure, and courteous deliveries. With a specialized focus on customer service and clear communication, our delivery experience mirrors our commitment to excellence.

At Baked In Bushwick, our journey is an ode to passion, innovation, and connection. Join us in savoring the flavors of Bushwick, one delectable treat at a time.