Infused Chocolate - Ideas to Make Your Mouth Water

Baked In Bushwick Cannabis Infused Chocolate

The legalization of cannabis in many states has brought along with it many creative ways to enjoy the plant. Back in the day, a joint with some cannabis was really the only way most consumers knew how to get high, but now, that's all changing. And it's changing for the better!

Edibles are one of the largest markets within the cannabis industry, and cannabis-infused chocolate is one of the most popular forms of edibles. Because of that growing people are figuring out creative ways to infuse cannabis into chocolate to create a memorable experience that tastes damn good while getting you nice and baked! 

Here are a few ways we like to enjoy our infused chocolates: 
  • Infused Chocolate Bar
The simplest way to enjoy a Baked In Bushwick Chocolate, is a the classic chocolate bar! The way we infuse our chocolate bars, is by using our house made cannabutter. Butter is in just about every type of chocolate – or food, period – the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to creating infused chocolate products. 

Baked In Bushwick Cannabis Infused Chocolate

  • Infused Chocolate Drinks
Did anyone say Hot Chocolate?
Chocolate drinks that are infused with cannabis are a road far less traveled for cannapreneurs in this industry. It seems everyone is so focused on what you can eat they're ignoring the drinks. 
Fall is quickly approaching so the pumpkin spice lattes will be making an appearance sooner than later. Instead of being basic, I challenge you to change the game and share some cannabis-infused hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is already delicious as it is, but with a few pieces of Baked In Bushwick Chocolate added, it would truly shake things up this fall and winter!

Baked In Bushwick Infused Chocolate Hot Cocoa
  • Infused S'Mores
Let's all remember that time by the campfire. With no worries in the world, while we cozy up with our favorite buds wearing red plaid pajamas by the campfire. A classic take on one of America's favorite holiday snacks. The S'more!
Grab some marshmallows, graham crackers and Baked In Bushwick Chocolate to take your late night snacks to another level!

Baked In Bushwick Chocolate Infused S'mores

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